Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of the IUAA held in The Moyne Institute of Preventative Medicine, University of Dublin, Trinity College, on Saturday 21st October 2000.




Mr. Eric Brady, Hon. President.

Professor Cyril Smyth, Immediate Past President.

Ms. Siobhan O’Keeffe, Vice President.

Mr. Keir McNamara, Vice President.

Mr. Stephen Lipson, Hon. Secretary.

Dr. David Maley, Hon. Treasurer.

Dr. Iain Morrison, Hon. Competitions Secretary.

Mr. Ian O’Sullivan, Hon. PRO / Committee Member.

Professor Michael Hillery, Committee Member.

Professor Cyril White, Committee Member.

Mr Noel Pollock, Committee Member.

Ms Catherine Carroll, Committee Member.



In Attendance:


Noel Lawlor, Athlone IT.

Cian Coughlan, Cork IT.

Thomas O’Brien, Dublin City University.

Gillian Clyne, Georgina Bradshaw and Paul Campbell, Dublin IT.

Hugh O’Donnell, Limerick IT.

David Beere, NUI - Maynooth.

Robert Connolly, Portobello College.

Paul Lynas and Gary Tummility, Queen’s University Belfast.

Mary Morrogh, Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland.

Kieran Lambe, University College Cork.

Kate-Anne Kelly, Tony Collins and Eimer Smith, University College Dublin.

Tanya Strevens, Brian Foley, Patrick Cassidy and Joe Rafferty, Trinity College Dublin.

Mark Hamilton and Liz Egan, University of Limerick.



No delegates from Dun Laoghaire Institute Art, Design Technology, Dundalk IT, IT Carlow, IT Tallaght, IT Tralee, Letterkenny IT, NUI Galway, The Incorporated Law society of Ireland, The National College of Ireland, University of Ulster, and Waterford IT were present.  Apologies were received from Waterford IT.



Meeting starts at 14.30hrs.


The President, Mr Eric Brady welcomes everyone. The Secretary Mr Stephen Lipson informs the members present that they should all have received their information packs which contained all the reports, minutes of the last AGM and lost more information. He also asks them to keep him informed of the ‘up to date’ contact details for their college. A list of apologies was also read out.


1. Minutes of the 1999 AGM:


In an effort to speed up proceeding, the minutes of the 1999 Annual General Meeting had been circulated to all parties concerned in the week prior to the Annual General Meeting.  The President took the minutes as been read.


2. Matters arising from the Minutes:


There were no matters arising and the report was proposed by the Treasurer, Dr. David Maley and seconded by Prof. Cyril White.


3. Report of Hon. Secretary:


The secretary spoke briefly about the main points presented in his report. He also thanked everyone for their help and support over the previous three years and said that the job of secretary had been demanding but very rewarding. The President opens the report to the floor for discussion. The Immediate Past President, Prof. Cyril Smyth said that the executive had discussed the possibility of compiling a big email list so as to send information to everyone and not just to the captains. The President stated that this would be very useful for contacting athletes for the Antrim International. Prof. Cyril White thanked the secretary for producing a very comprehensive report. The President formally thanked the secretary on behalf of the executive. The report was proposed by The Vice President, Mr Keir McNamara and seconded by Mr. Brian Foley (TCD).


4. Report of Hon. Treasurer:


The treasurer briefly informs the meeting about the accounts, pointing out that they have been circulated prior to the AGM and are largely self evident and that he will answer any queries. He also asks colleges to pay up any money owed for Antrim 2000. Prof Michael Hillery queries the increase in spending on each of the four championships over previous years. The treasurer informs him that this is largely due to the millennium medals that were given to each athlete. The secretary pointed out that additionally, in relation to the indoor championships, that there had been no electronic timing the previous year, where as there had been this year. The treasurer states that he hopes a surplus can be achieved this year. Prof. Cyril White thanked the treasurer for his report and stated that we needed to seriously address the issue if income and that next years treasurer should make sure that people pay up. The President inquires if the current membership fees are sufficient. The treasurer states that a surplus is achieved in non special years. (i.e. every second year when there is no Celtic cross country.) The Immediate past President stated that a sponsor needed to be found to pay for Antrim International and the Celtic cross country. It had been suggested at the captains meeting after the cross country in CIT that the Celtic cross country be held this year, but that this was no longer possible unless a sponsor was found. Mr. Robert Connolly (Portobello) suggested that the IUAA organise a fundraising event. The President said that it was a good idea in principle but that in practice the IUAA only came together for championships and meetings and that it had been decided previously not to hold raffles at the championships. The President then reverted back to Antrim and asked that invoices be sent out to the relevant Colleges. Prof Michael Hillery then queries the Antrim costs. The Immediate Past President said that there were a number of factors the main ones being the exchange rate, the number of athletes from Northern colleges competing and singlets. The treasure stated that the previous years athletes still hadn’t received their singlets. The President then encouraged the colleges to pay up their membership fees as quickly as possible. Mr Noel Lawlor (Athlone IT) inquired about colleges who haven’t paid. The President informs the meeting that all arrears must be paid before athletes can compete. The President concludes by thanking the treasurer and saying that seeing as a new treasurer will be elected today, he hopes that the Dr. David Maley will continue on the executive. The report is proposed by Prof. Michael Hillery and seconded by Prof Cyril Smyth.


5. Report of Hon. Competitions’ Secretary:


This had been dealt with in item 3 above.


6. Report of P.R.O.:


The President informs the meeting that the PRO, Mr Ian O’Sullivan, had stepped down in January 2000. He thanked the PRO for the work that he had don prior to his resignation. He went on to say that he was trying to get a newsletter together that would be updated regularly on the IUAA web site. He that asked the floor if they felt the IUAA was doing enough PR work. There was no response from the floor. Mr Ian O’Sullivan informed the meeting that he felt the person who took up the position of PRO in future years should have contacts with journalists and ensure that journalists write about the IUAA. Championship numbers are high and this should be used to our advantage, but he added that there was a lot of work involved. Again the floor was asked for it’s views and again the floor was silent.


7. Review of 1999-2000 Championships (Members’ Comments/Criticisms):


Road Relay Championships: The President asked if anyone had any comments to make. The Immediate Past President stated that the race served a good purpose at the start of the year as it gave everyone a race, but that we may need to think about how they are run if numbers increase dramatically. The President stated that Maynooth had already posted out the race information. The Immediate Past President asked if everyone had received it.


Indoor Track & Field: The President asked if anyone had any comments to make. Joe Rafferty (TCD) asked if they could be moved to the Spring seeing as the recent merger of the athletics bodies in Ireland had potentially made the stadium, in Nenagh, more available. The President stated that semesterisation in Colleges caused problems due to exams after Christmas. Availability was still a problem and that the IUAA seems to be last in the pecking order when it comes to being allocated dates in Nenagh. Prof. Michael Hillery stated that if the indoor championship was moved to February, the season would be squashed into three months with the cross country in March and the Track & Field in April. The Immediate Past President stated that availability was still low due to the Provincial championships and not just the AAI National Seniors. He also pointed out that the championships had to be shifted with less than two weeks notice a few years previously and that semesterisation was a big problem. Prof. Cyril White pointed out that there was only one indoor arena currently available in Ireland. The treasurer pointed out that in fact the Odyssey Stadium in Belfast was now open but that it cost £10000 (€12658) to book. The President summarised by saying that he sympathised with Joe Rafferty but that the December date is the best date for the moment, although the IUAA will continue to monitor the situation in relation to availability and alternative venues. He then went on to talk about officials and the fact that on the Friday it was very hard to get enough officials, that the IUAA was currently looking for some outside officials and he also reminded all the colleges that they were required to provide two officials over the course of the championship and that bar two or three colleges this never happened. Field events were on all day Saturday and due to the lack of officials the few that did volunteer ended up working all day without getting a break. He encouraged all colleges present to see if they could bring along some officials to help out.


Cross Country: The President asked if anyone had any comments to make. The Immediate Past President stated that the difficulties that had arisen had been discussed in detail at the captains meeting in Cork and that the IUAA now had a ‘Cross Country Booklet’ prepared which would be ready for circulation shortly. The idea being that it would be circulated to the hosts each year. The President thanked Mr. Keir McNamara for preparing the booklet.


Track & Field: The President asked if anyone had any comments to make. The Immediate Past President stated that the difficulties that had arisen had been discussed in detail at the captains meeting in Limerick and that TCD (Hosts of the championships to be held in April 2001) had listened carefully. The issue of the lack of accommodation in Limerick was raised. The Immediate Past President pointed out that this was due to the Rugby match and the fact that a lot of the hostels were full of refugees and that the situation would be similar for the upcoming indoors championships. The Vice President, Ms. Siobhan O’Keeffe suggested that colleges check out the B&Bs. The President then reverted back to the Track & Field championships and added that he felt the Combined Event championships had run smoothly.


Celtic Cross Country: The Immediate Past President stated that it was disappointing that the Welsh team had had to withdraw and that next time the IUAA should send out details of the event in September/October so as to give the travelling teams plenty of notice. He also went on to add that sponsorship was required and that in future years the event could possible be held on a course outside of Dublin.


8. Hon. President’s Address:


The President stated that his report had concentrated on looking forward. The numbers competing were healthy, the standard of competition was high, a lot of the Sydney 2000 athletes had competed in the varsities in the previous twelve months and that several IUAA athletes had competed at the World Juniors and the Para-Olympics. The standard across the board was high and it had reached the stage were it was now quite difficult for colleges to score points unless they had talented athletes on their team. The IUAA would continue to try and improve what was currently working well and strive to fix those things that weren’t. He also addressed the issue of the IUAAs relationship within the new athletics body in Ireland. He concluded by informing the meeting that Iggy Moriarty had recently been appointed President of NUI Galway. The Presidents report was proposed by Prof. Cyril Smyth and seconded by Mr. Keir McNamara.


9. World Student Cross Country 2000 – Review. (Report by the Team Coach):


The team Coach, Dr David Maley stated that he was indebted to the IUAA for nominating him for the job and that he had given it his all before, during and after the event. He also stated that he felt that had Rosemary Ryan been available to run that the Irish team could well have medalled. Prof Michael Hillery inquired if the CUSAI manager had been of any assistance. Dr Maley stated that he had done everything prior to departure and that the CUSAI manager had done everything once the team had arrived at the championships. He also pointed out that he had been appointed to his position well in advance of the championships, where as the managers position hadn’t been filled until quite late. Prof Hillery inquired if a manager was really needed. Mr Maley replied with a definite ‘yes’. The report was proposed by Mr Keir McNamara and seconded by Ms. Siobhan O’Keeffe.


10. Universidade 2001:


The President informed the meeting the championships would be held in Beijing, China, in August 2001 and that CUSAI wee currently looking for a coach. Individual Universities, the AAI and the IUAA had been asked. He stated that the IUAA would like to nominate someone, but that this had to be done my next Friday. The President asked if nominations could be taken today and if the IUAA executive could vote on it prior to the submission deadline. The floor agreed. Mr Joe Rafferty asked if there were and specific requirements for the job. The President read out the CUSAI guidelines. Mr Ian O’Sullivan proposed Mr. John Sheehan, who was currently with the Irish team at the World Junior Championships. Mr David Beere (NUI-Maynooth) seconded the nomination. Mr Joe Rafferty then nominated Ms. Lucy Moore. Mr Robert Connolly seconded the nomination. Prof. Cyril White inquired if the President would be interested. Prof. Michael Hillery then nominated Mr. Eric Brady. Prof. Cyril White seconded the nomination. The President then informed the meeting that if they knew of any more suitable candidates that they should let him know by 5pm on Monday so as to give the IUAA executive time to decide who would be the IUAAs nomination to CUSAI. The Immediate Past President stated that the official web site was linked off the IUAA web page, but that the CUSAI standards would not be available until after CUSAI had appointed the coach. He also added that the standards would be high due to the expenses involved in travelling to Beijing. Ms Eimer Smith (TCD/UCD) inquired as to the date after which an athlete could achieve a time. The Immediate Past President stated that it was usually from 1st January on the same year. i.e. 1st January 2001. The President pointed out that achieving a standard doesn’t automatically qualify you for the championships.


11. Election of Officers for 2000-2001:


The President, Mr. Eric Brady has completed the first year of his two year term and hence is not up for re-election until the AGM on 2001. Prof. Cyril Smyth remains on as Immediate Past President.


Vice President: The two positions of Vice President are elected annually. The current Vice Presidents, Ms Siobhan O’Keeffe and Mr Keir McNamara have both served one year and are hence both eligible for re-election.

Mr Stephen Lipson was nominated by Mr Paddy Cassidy (TCD) and seconded by Ms Tanya Strevents (TCD).

Ms Siobhan O’Keeffe was nominated by Prof. Michael Hillery and seconded by Ms Catherine Carroll.

Mr Keir McNamara was nominated by Mr Ian O’Sullivan and seconded by Dr David Maley.

A vote ensued resulting in the election of Ms Siobhan O’Keeffe and Mr Stephen Lipson to the two positions of Vice President.


Secretary: Mr Stephen Lipson had completed three years as secretary and under the rules of the constitution is required to step down.

Dr David Maley was nominated by Ms Eimer Smith and seconded by Mr Paul Campbell (DIT). Dr Maley stated that he wasn’t prepared to stand for the position.

Mr Keir McNamara was nominated by Prof. Michael Hillery and seconded by Prof. Cyril White.

Mr Keir McNamara was deemed elected.


Treasurer: Dr David Maley had completed three years as Treasurer and under the rules of the constitution is required to step down.

Mr Noel Pollock was nominated by Dr David Maley and seconded by Ms Catherine Carroll.

Mr Noel Pollock was deemed elected.


Competition Secretary: Dr Iain Morrison had served one year and hence was eligible for re-election.

Mr Ian O’Sullivan was nominated by Ms Catherine Carroll and seconded by Mr Keir McNamara.

Mr Ian O’Sullivan was deemed elected.


PRO: The position was vacant.

Ms Catherine Carroll was nominated by Ms Siobhan O’Keeffe and seconded by Mr Ian O’Sullivan.

Ms Catherine Carroll was deemed elected.


Committee Member Positions:

Dr David Maley was nominated by Mr Noel Pollock and seconded by Ms Siobhan O’Keeffe.

Prof. Michael Hillery was nominated by Ms Siobhan O’Keeffe and seconded by Mr Ian O’Sullivan.

Prof. Cyril White was nominated by Ms Siobhan O’Keeffe and seconded by Mr Stephen Lipson.

Dr. Iain Morrison was nominated by Mr Paddy Cassidy and seconded by Mr Joe Rafferty.


12. Intervarsity hosts up to 2010 (Road Relays/Cross Country/Track & Field):


The President talks briefly about the importance of updating the existing varsity calendar which is due to expire within the next eighteen months. The Secretary then talks in detail about the proposed new roster and asks if everyone is happy with his proposals. Seeing as no response had been heard from IT-Carlow it was decided that Athlone IT would be put down as a substitute in case IT-Carlow decided not to host the Cross Country in 2004. The varsity calendar was set until the end of the 2005 season. The President pointed out that with an approximate ten year cycle in place it now meant that it was highly unlikely that a college would still have members who were around when they hosted their previous championship.


13. Motions concerning amendments to the Rules of Championships:


The Secretary stated that he had not received any motions but that if colleges had any possible motions that they wanted discussed, now was the time to raise them. Mr Joe Rafferty queried if athletes should be limited to two track events and one field event and vice versa, in an effort to level the playing field between all members. Ms Catherine Carroll stated that if an athlete was capable of scoring in more than two event then they should be allowed to do so. Ms Siobhan O’Keeffe stated that this could cause problems in relation to the combined event championships if the athletes were entered as individuals in all the events. Dr. Iain Morrison stated that it was an interesting proposal and could close the gap. The President said that it would discriminate against a smaller colleges if they had an athlete who wanted to do more than two events and could potentially lead to requests to guest. Joe Rafferty stated that he was suggesting it as he felt the overall winners would come from the college with the best squad as opposed to the college with two-three good athletes. Mr Paul Campbell disagreed and stated that which ever college won was the best college. The President then asked Mr Rafferty if he wanted to put his idea forward as a motion. Mr Rafferty declined. The Immediate Past President stated that if numbers continued to rise then a limit on the number of events an athlete could compete in might have to be considered.


14. Championship dates 2000/2001:


Road Relay: 11th November 2000

Indoor Track & Field: 1st/2nd December 2000

Cross Country: 10th March 2001 (Belfield, NUI Dublin) (Provisional)

Track & Field: 20th/21st April 2001 (Santry, TCD)


The Immediate Past President informed the meeting that it was very important for a host to ensure that the event was covered by full public liability insurance.


Mr Keir McNamara stated that the deadlines for events is to be taken seriously and that it was the captains responsibility to ensure that their athletes checked in on time.


15. A.O.B.


Mr Ian O’Sullivan informed the meeting that the IUAA would be getting very strict on checking student ID cards this year and that all athletes should bring their card to the championships.


It was announced that there were refreshments available.


16.45hrs. The meeting finished.



Proposed by: _____________________



Seconded by: _____________________




Eric Brady, President Oct 1999 – Oct 2001


Date: ______________


Minutes compiled by Mr Stephen Lipson. Hon. Secretary IUAA, Oct 1997-Oct 2000