Report of the P.R.O. for the IUAA Annual General Meeting, October 1999


Upon taking up the role of PRO to the IUAA it was necessary for me to determine what exactly is the role of a PRO within the framework of this particular organisation?  Should it be utmost on my mind to become friends with that nice man who writes the social gossip section of Ireland’s answer to Hello magazine (called VIP for the uninitiated)? Should I seek television interviews with that guru of Irish athletics, Bill O’ Herlihy? or indeed should I spend some time sleeping on the doorstep of the esteemed Dr. Primo Nebiolo with the aim of highlighting the plight of Irish University Athletics?


On mature recollection I decided that the best approach would be to start from the bottom and work my way up (a piece of piece of advice that was passed on to me by a wise old man, who incidentally had 28 children). I decided that the first sphere of influence that should hear about the heroics of the IUAA should be the general athletically minded public of Ireland. Letters to the athletic correspondents of the national newspapers informing them of our existence were met with replies from only the Irish Times. Approaches to the editors of the Irish Runner and Marathon magazine were more favourable and since this time last year, two articles have appeared in the Irish Runner. The Christmas edition of the Irish Runner and the Marathon will also carry articles on the exploits of the athletes of the IUAA. Results from all of the IUAA championships throughout the year were to be found in all of the national newspapers.


In conclusion I feel that for the coming year it will be necessary to build a better relationship with the nations newspapers athletics correspondents and maintain relationships with The Irish Runner and Marathon Magazines. It will also be necessary to furnish the new faces in what is to be Athletics Ireland with evidence of

our existence

Still getting to know the bottom before I work my way up to the waist!!


Ian O’ Sullivan